Hello, I'm an artist living in Saskatoon, SK, Canada with my husband and two young children. Born and raised in the prairies, my paintings reflect my deep appreciation for the wide-open space, fresh air, and big skies that surround me. Drawing from the patterns, colours, and movement found in nature, my work explores themes of mindfulness, connection, and finding beauty in the everyday.

Through my work, I hope to bring a sense of calm and beauty to you and the spaces you love, allowing for mindful moments of peace, clarity & joy amidst your every day.




Drawing, painting, and almost any other form of creating have always been passions of mine. I grew up making art every day, filling the fridges of my family members, and friends. My mom likes to recall how I once came home from a playdate and shared “MOM! They have NO paintings on their fridge!”. I went on to dutifully create multiple pieces that afternoon so they would no longer have an “art free” space.

Although I went on to receive a formal degree in business & marketing, being an artist has always remained a part of my identity.

My paintings are created through an intuitive process, focusing more-so on a feeling or emotion than a specific image or scene. Each layer informs what comes next, allowing the painting to evolve through mixing, layering, and play until it feels “right” and speaks to me in a way that I feel compelled to share with others.

I made the shift from painting as a hobby to painting professionally in 2018, shortly after the birth of my second child. Since the release of my first collection in late 2018, my work has been well-received, with sales extending across Canada and the United States and a  body of licenced work available through companies including minted.com and West Elm.


I feel incredibly lucky to be living out my passion and hope this joy shines through my work, bringing a sense of well-being and cheer to my collectors and the spaces they cherish.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you!

“It is when I am painting that I feel the most clarity and peace with myself and the world around me. Painting has taught me to look deeper at my environment, observing and appreciating the small details that can often go unnoticed.”



I've been lucky to work with the following companies on projects involving original paintings, art prints, canvas prints, holiday cards, wedding invitations, stationery design and more. Interested in licensing my artwork or partnering with me?  Please email thenicolewalsh@gmail.com.  

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