It would be my pleasure to create an original piece of artwork that is fully tailored to you and your space. 




Prices for my 2020-2021  custom pieces are listed below. Please note that you may be quoted a higher price for pieces with high levels of detail. 


8" x 8":           125

10" x 10":       180

11" x 14":         240

16" x 20":      400

20" x 20":     450

18" x 24":       475

20" x 24":      500

24" x 24":      580

24" x 36":      825

30" x 30":      840

30" x 40":     1,000


* additional sizes available upon request



If you are interested in a commission, please contact me here.  I'll be in touch with a free consultation to discuss your desired painting subject matter, size, colours, timeframe, and any other details regarding what you are looking for. Photographs, images of the room the painting will be hung in, or images of my past work that resonate with you are always appreciated!

Once everything has been confirmed, I require a 50% deposit to begin your painting, with the remainder due once the piece has been completed.


 I'll be in touch throughout the process, often sketching out ideas and colour palettes to make sure we're on the same page before beginning the final painting.


Once your custom painting is complete, I'll send you photos and will happily complete any revisions that you might request. 


Your commission timeframe may vary depending on the season and size of the painting. If possible, please allow at least 4-6 weeks for the commission process.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out below.


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